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Olomana and Castle High School are teaming up for the Inaugural Business Design Program.

Olomana and James B. Castle High School are teaming up for the Inaugural Business Design Program for Hawaii Public Schools. During the program, students learn the fundamentals of business, providing them with project-based learning, real business experience, and knowledge that is essential to start their own companies in Hawaii.

School apparel and other products designed by students are sold through the school. The revenue generated helps to achieve important goals like purchasing equipment, funding other similar programs, and creating scholarship funds. It aims to teach students the fundamentals of business and product creation — from initial concept to final product delivery, utilizing hands-on exploration, problem solving, and practical application.

The initial goal of the Inaugural Business Design Program at Castle High School is to purchase 30 iMac computers along with the Adobe Design Suite to help students expand their business design capabilities. The funding for these computers will be generated from the sales of the products the students created and through community donations.

Bringing the Business Design Program to Hawaii’s Public School’s is a lofty, community goal, which Olomana believes will require the support and help of local organizations. Olomana welcomes community collaboration with local companies, universities, and non-profit organizations that have common entrepreneurial and civic goals for Hawaii’s students. Business leaders, innovative ideas, collaboration, resources, and solutions are much needed.

Olomana designs, develops and manufactures premium custom apparel and accessories for Hawaii schools, teams, events, leagues, brands, retailers, and non-profit organizations. Olomana is located on the Windward side of Oahu and offers an array of fully customizable products and design solutions geared toward a customer’s specific needs. Its products are designed in Hawaii with performance and function in mind, to complement an active island lifestyle.

Those interested in partnering with or supporting Olomana’s Business Design Program in Hawaii’s Public Schools can get involved by emailing or calling (808) 888-8516.

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