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At Olomana® we strive to provide quality and customer satisfaction with every order. Our offices are located in Hawaii, on the Windward side of Oahu. We design, develop and manufacture premium custom apparel and accessories. Our clients include schools, teams, events, leagues, brands, retailers, hotels, public and non-profit organizations among others. In addition, we manufacture and distribute apparel and accessories under the Olomana brand.

• Custom Products
Olomana offers an array of fully customizable products and design solutions geared toward your specific needs. Our products are designed in Hawaii with performance and function in mind, to complement active island lifestyle. You'll find Olomana products comfortable, durable, functional, and manufactured with premium materials. From hats, t-shirts, rash guards, and boardshorts, to wetsuits, team uniforms, backpacks, and flasks. All Olomana items are made to order which allow us to create fully customizable products tailored to your needs.

• Olomana Origins

When we started Olomana, we thought we can make a business, or we can make a difference. Both were equally important. So we chose to make that difference, be our business. From the onset, the goal was to see if our locally, owned company could help create unique, custom products for Hawaii’s schools, non-profits, and government agencies. The greater goal was to provide custom performance products that incorporate innovative design, premium materials and most importantly, solutions for our community. 6 years down the road from that idea being planted, watered, and loved, it’s grown into Olomana, as it is today. A reliable, community partner. Our amazing clients are a testament to this from how they come back repeatedly with new ideas and ways to evolve, from where we've been. Like our clients, we too, are always striving to make the best performance products for Hawaii's unique environments and needs. Serving not only a functional need, but also a much needed fundraiser for many of our schools and non-profits. Whenever, wherever possible we strive to work together with our community to provide products that are needed but can also solve some of our more important, civic issues, like working towards the creation of a Design Entrepreneurial Program in our Public Schools, to developing products that are more functional for our local public safety workers to Hawaii's keiki and non-profits, among many others.


Here’s to collaboration over competition. We all benefit.


With aloha, Aimee & Damian.


School T-Shirt Design Class at Waimanalo Elementary and Intermediate School.

Owners Aimee and Damian Donzis saving an endangered sea turtle.

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