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At Olomana we strive to work together with our community to provide products that are needed and can also solve some of our more important, civic issues, like working towards the creation of a Design Entrepreneurial Program in our public schools, to developing products that are more functional for our public safety workers, Hawaii's keiki and non-profits. Our goal is to be a valued Community Partner that provides unique custom products helping Hawaii’s schools and non-profits, self-fund though the sales of those products. Creating unique self-funding opportunities helps create brand awareness, and equally important, empowers Hawaii’s schools and non-profits to have the opportunity to generate much needed funds for themselves. The Business Design Program for Hawaii Public School and the T-Shirt Design Program are currently available for Schools and non-profit organizations located on Oahu. Below is a brief description of them.

• Business Design Program for Hawaii Public Schools

The Business Design Program for Hawaii Public Schools is focused on creating self-sustainable, funding systems (micro-businesses) in which school products designed by students, generate revenue that is applied to re-stock these products and achieve other important goals such as purchasing equipment, funding other similar programs, creating scholarship funds, and/or funding building innovations, among others. In this program students are taught the fundamentals of business and product creation. From initial concept to final product delivery, utilizing hands-on exploration, problem solving, and practical application. Students can earn college credits through the completion of this program. Public schools collaborate with local universities, community colleges, local companies, and non-profit organizations, who see the need for entrepreneurialism in Hawaii public schools. These local organizations work with students through the program creating a unique environment. Students learn the fundamentals of business, providing them with project-based learning, real business experience, and knowledge that is essential to start their own companies, in Hawaii.

Castle High School Polo Shirts. Designed by students in collaboration with Olomana.

• School T-Shirt Design Program - Students Design Their Own T-Shirts

The School T-Shirt Design Program is focused on working with local schools on the design and production of their school t-shirts and/or other custom apparel. Students participate in the design process while learning design techniques and entrepreneurship. It is a space for creativity and collaboration. Given the wide array of production and printing processes offered by Olomana, the final products are unique and a true reflection of the students' creativity. From Quick-Dry t-shirts with sublimation printed graphics, to Cotton Blend t-shirts with DTG printed graphics. Fully breathable, soft to the touch and comfortable. The design classes and t-shirt production are coordinated by Olomana. The program length varies based on the project scope and can be tailored to each school. Contact us to learn more about implementing this program at your school.

For further information: 

Phone: (808) 888-8516


WEIS school t-shirts. Designed by students in collaboration with Olomana.

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